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Friday, August 1, 2014

Listen and Look: Everyone - Van Morrison

Hello to you! 

Have you been enjoying your week? I had a nasty cold the past few weeks but I'm all better now, nothing some time off work and lots of movie watching couldn't fix. 

And of course I've been feeling very happy! Have you been feeling happy? (Don't say happy too many times it looses it meaning... ) 

I've been trying to get out of bed each morning to do yoga, but getting up in the cold at 5am is hard, so I maybe only do it sometimes... but I do go to a proper session two days a week and its really so fun and every time I can reach that little bit further or balance that little bit longer I feel like I've achieved something major and makes me very happy! I still can't get the whole breathing through your nose bit, mine is always blocked for some reason! 

Anyway, so for today's post I thought I could pair up a song that makes me very happy along with some dancing, fun and happy looking 60's people

Press play whenever your ready and have a little dance in your house! 


Monday, November 11, 2013

I love the flower girl

Its been a rainy Monday - how I wish I could have spent it lying in the warm grass with flowers and sun-rays and not soaking wet and cold on the train.

This song seemed most appropriate for my imaginings of where I'd rather be

Time for another daydream....

Pattie Boyd

Charlotte Martin
Pamela Des Barres

Pattie darling

Pattie Boyd in India

Cathee Dahmen

Source - Sweet Janes Pop Boutique

Jenny Boyd

Scene from Far from the Maddening Crowd 1967

Maudie James


Care of Miss Peelpants

Charlotte Martin

Sharon Tate

Charlotte Rampling

Lovely Marianne

The Beatles in flowers

Cathee Dahmen

Modern Flower girl - Johanna Soderberg of First Aid Kit

Enjoy your week lovely Flower girls and boys
Stay warm and dry!

Cat xo

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I've got a bike, you can ride it if you like...

The naughty cold has gotten to me again leaving me nothing else to do but sit at home and watch TV, sleep, knit (very slowly) and drink lots of honey lemon tea

Day time TV is pretty ordinary, so I've been watching Adventure Time and also Girl on a Motorcycle - Marianne Faithfulls movie from 1968


Friday, July 5, 2013

So listen while I play my Green Tambourine

Today has been a rather trying day at work for me so I though we'd have a little fun this Friday to the sounds of the Lemon Pipers - Green Tambourine

Nothing too hard - just a fun little guessing game!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Pattie Suit issues (and music!)

So after all of that fun making jammies and jumping on the bed, I'm now feeling worse for wear. The gloomy wet weather has finally taken its toll and handed me a cold. On top of that my Pattie suit is not going as well as I'd like. (see the original post here)

Considering I normally make dresses and easily whip them up in 2 or 3 sessions, making something with more of a challenge sometimes leaves you feeling a bit silly and hopeless.

All that supposed expertise flies out the window

Does this happen to you sometimes? Doing something harder than normal which leaves you feeling like a dunce?

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Fairest Of the Seasons

Nico - The Fairest Of the Seasons

It's getting mighty cold now that winter has arrived in Sydney. While everyone in the North is enjoying the first days of summer, we're settling in for the long and boring winter.

Boring because our winter has none of the festive benefits of a northern winter;

No Christmas
No Snow
No outdoor ice skating
No public holidays unless you count the Queen’s Birthday Public holiday this coming Monday and after that there's nothing till October!

Very boring and cold and DRY! And the daylight hours are of course shorter making it hard to take decent outfit photos for you all.