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Monday, March 17, 2014

Pattie Darling!

March 17th may have been St Patrick's day for some of you, but if you are after something else to celebrate, then why not Pattie's day!

That's right, Pattie Boyd, the lovely 60's dollybird also celebrates her birthday on the 17th of March. As her mother had assumed she would be a boy, a name was never picked for her, so being born on the day of a saint was an easy pick!

Pattie is a favourite of mine. I even made a suit in her name and managed to remember her birthday!

Pattie darling!

Monday, November 11, 2013

I love the flower girl

Its been a rainy Monday - how I wish I could have spent it lying in the warm grass with flowers and sun-rays and not soaking wet and cold on the train.

This song seemed most appropriate for my imaginings of where I'd rather be

Time for another daydream....

Pattie Boyd

Charlotte Martin
Pamela Des Barres

Pattie darling

Pattie Boyd in India

Cathee Dahmen

Source - Sweet Janes Pop Boutique

Jenny Boyd

Scene from Far from the Maddening Crowd 1967

Maudie James


Care of Miss Peelpants

Charlotte Martin

Sharon Tate

Charlotte Rampling

Lovely Marianne

The Beatles in flowers

Cathee Dahmen

Modern Flower girl - Johanna Soderberg of First Aid Kit

Enjoy your week lovely Flower girls and boys
Stay warm and dry!

Cat xo

Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Pattie Suit - Progress report

I received my fabric in the mail last Friday for the jacket/skirt combination that I was talking about here.

Before I started, I attempted to read through the instructions, which were the biggest load of gobbledygook, so I threw them in the bin and took out my favourite sewing book - The Readers digest complete guide to sewing.
It has an entire section on tailoring a jacket and recommends techniques that make way more sense and the pictures are clearer.

I also decided to name this the Pattie Suit, because it’s shorter than "jacket skirt combination" and because I'm currently reading Pattie Boyd's biography - Wonderful life. So my sewing will be embedded with quotes and stories from Pattie's life.

So far I have finished the body of the jacket and will move on to the collar, and facings next.

This is what's happened so far

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Friday eye candy

Seeing as it’s that most special of days (Friday!) I thought I’d treat you all to some 60s eye candy.

So many lovely sewing and styling ideas

Happy Weekend!

Catherine Deneuve and David Bailey