Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Fairest Of the Seasons

Nico - The Fairest Of the Seasons

It's getting mighty cold now that winter has arrived in Sydney. While everyone in the North is enjoying the first days of summer, we're settling in for the long and boring winter.

Boring because our winter has none of the festive benefits of a northern winter;

No Christmas
No Snow
No outdoor ice skating
No public holidays unless you count the Queen’s Birthday Public holiday this coming Monday and after that there's nothing till October!

Very boring and cold and DRY! And the daylight hours are of course shorter making it hard to take decent outfit photos for you all.

Sydney winters can trick you. On a good day you can have a nice 20C/68F degrees (according to this article it is a veritable heatwave in England) which for us is probably cool enough for a coat and dress here during the day. But if you are silly enough to stay out after the sun sets without back up provisions, you could find yourself freezing your butt off in 10C/50F degrees. Yes 10! Very cold for us people who are accustomed to 40C/104F degree summers - 45.8C was the max this year! (114.44F)

I find the weather fascinating and it may seem like a conversational faux pas to talk about the weather but I love comparing notes with people from other countries about what their summer or winter is like. Hence why the article about England's 23 degree heat wave left me tickled pink!

So I guess most people would look at summer time pictures to warm themselves, but instead I'll share with you some very snug and stylish people to remind me to take my scarf and gloves when I leave the house! 



Gracy Coddington - Source

Janis and Grace - Source

Jenny Kee and Michael Ramsden - Source

Marianne Faithful - Source

Mick - Source


Penelope Tree - Source

Susan Dey - Source

Twiggy - Source

Twiggy - Source

Moon printed dress by Jane&Jane - Source


Our songbird - Nico - Source
Stay warm/cool wherever you may be

Cat xo


  1. If I experienced an Australian summer I would probably melt! I'm really not good with the heat at all, I'm probably the only person in England that doesn't moan about cold summers! x

    1. I don't think many Australians can handle it either! Its very hard to motivate yourself to do anything when its soooo hot and people get very cranky

  2. I've grown up in Sydney my whole life and I've recently moved to London and let me tell you, what I miss the most is Sydney's BEAUTIFUL WEATHER!

    It's apparently 'spring' here but I have not felt an ounce of warmth since I've settled here. From someone who is use to warm being 23C-25C degrees, London just seems to all round be cold.

    So don't complain, London's spring is still colder than Sydney's winter!

    1. Oh Nicole you scamp! I know very well that you turn into a lazy sloth in summer. Enjoy your mild summer and bring me back some snowglobes!
      Norman and I miss you! xo

    2. Hahaha oh you outed me! The stranger charade is over. Miss you guys too :(

  3. Yes, Winter in Australia has finally hit. It's cold enough on the Gold Coast! Poor you down in Sydney! I do admit that I love 1960's winter fashion though - all the coloured tights and polo neck sweaters under pinafore dresses is the look that I love. Great pictures too - the first one is beautiful!

    1. We go to Queensland to warm up! How funny! My pinnies and coats have all come out of storage. I love to layer them up with tights and silky scarves and matching gloves and berets. Yay for winter fashion!

  4. Hey there,

    I've nominated you for a Liebster award because I think your blog is ace. Go to my latest post to find out the details.

    Best wishes,

    Miss D



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