Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Pattie Suit issues (and music!)

So after all of that fun making jammies and jumping on the bed, I'm now feeling worse for wear. The gloomy wet weather has finally taken its toll and handed me a cold. On top of that my Pattie suit is not going as well as I'd like. (see the original post here)

Considering I normally make dresses and easily whip them up in 2 or 3 sessions, making something with more of a challenge sometimes leaves you feeling a bit silly and hopeless.

All that supposed expertise flies out the window

Does this happen to you sometimes? Doing something harder than normal which leaves you feeling like a dunce?

Back to the jacket - The bodice is fine, but the sleeves and collar are really starting to irk me. According to the instructions I need to sew the collar on - well what I would deem to be upside down. I'm a little confused by this and so I decided to do what my sewing book says as the original instructions are terrible!

The sleeves have also been giving my sick little head much grief. Once I'd sewn them in, I ran off to try on the jacket and once I looked in the mirror I immediately saw myself as a kid trying on my mum’s jacket.
The sleeves were so huge and bunchy. I deduced that this was because I had taken in the side seam, but not the seam in the arm, so I unpicked the set in sleeves which was a pain to do in the first place, narrowed the sleeves and brought the hem up 2 inches and sewed them back in again.

Goodness! I needed a good lie down after that!

Tomorrow I will probably tack in the shoulder pads and sleeve heads - which give the shoulders more support and body, and sew on the collar and front facing.

The next tricky thing to try will be the lining. This isn't so bad but I'm trying to work out which method to use - either the "bag" method, where you turn the jacket inside out, sew all the seams and turn in back out via the bottom hem (a good tutorial here

Or my favourite (and most time consuming) the hand stitched lining - where by you insert the lining into the jacket and sew it all closed using slip stitches.

I prefer the hand stitches as I can control where the stitches are going and because it’s a good time to sit with the boy while watching terrible TV.

And for all the non-sewing readers who have stuck by this far - here's some little suited up treats for you (and some music to pep you up!)

Enjoy dearies - I hope you evade all sicknesses this week!

Bill Blass suit pattern

George Harrison in a double breasted suit

Cathy McGowan in probably one of the best poses ever

Jean Shrimpton

Advertisement for Younger Wetherall

Sixties siren Britt Ekland dresses up a simple suit with a beret

Steve Marriott

Justin Hayward from The Moody Blues and Ian Gillian from Episode Six modelling Carnaby Street kaftans, 1967

Cathy McGowan Boutique Catalogue

The dapper Alan Holston
Cat xo


  1. Hello again, dear Catherine! You are so sweet to include music for sewing challenged friends like me. I must admit that I never heard that Kinks song before and I really enjoyed it. I hope that at least ONE of those houses in the country and at least ONE of those Jaguars belongs to YOU! :)

    I also liked these pictures of the rich and famous decked out in their Carnabetian finery.

    Dear Cat, I am very sorry to learn that you're under the weather. I hope you'll drink a toddy and get a good night's sleep and wake up tomorrow feeling much better. Take care, my friend!

    1. Haha yes, I decided I must be fair to everyone - a little sewing, a little music!
      Unfortunately I own none of those Houses or Jaguars - but maybe one day
      Thanks for stopping bye! Enjoy your evening!

  2. So much lovely lovely eye candy in this post! And yay for the Kinks, one band that will always turn a frown upside down. Feel better! x

    1. They're great aren't they!? I was so excited when they got a feature in the Olympics Opening ceremony last year

  3. Keep on trucking!The Pattie suit I'm sure will turn out super swell! Get lots of rest and vitamins; sleep and a good laugh cure anything :)

    Missing you, Norman and Balthy from dreary London, postcard shall be coming soon.

    1. Haha did you just tell me to keep on trucking? haha Im feeling better, but you know how it hangs around.
      We miss you too. And I think we have your LSP. Im going to hold her hostage!

  4. Hey hun!!!!! Omg how come I have not come across your blog sooner???
    I love the 60s! Yay!!!!

  5. Good luck with the Pattie Suit! I'm sure that you'll get it done just right and it will be looking fabulous. Can't wait to see the finished product. I've just recovered from a cold, hope you get better from yours soon.

    1. Thanks for the support! These silly colds! they hang around forever don't they?

  6. I've been contemplating making a suit but haven't started yet for some of the same reasons.

    I also love watching (bad) tv while hand sewing! I always want to watch 60s things (Dark Shadows or original Star Trek or Doctor Who, or the Beach Party movies) but the boy doesn't like to, so we watch a lot of weird documentaries.

    1. I was hesitant at first, but I got a good sewing book and watched some YouTube videos and that kinda helped me understand certain steps.
      My boyfriend doesn't like Dr Who either, but we'll watch anything else that's on really. especially funny things.
      Ill have to look up Dark Shadows and see if I can buy it here. I know I can't get That Girl - but I wish I could!

  7. Britt gives Angelina's lips a run for her money.


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