Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Green goings on

Hello lovely people! How was your Easter?

I'm still on holiday because I was a smart cookie and took off the 3 days between Easter Monday and Anzac day which falls on Friday this year. Quite a lot of other people in my office did the same thing, so I guess it would be somewhat un-Australian not to extend it out to a 10 day break!

So, what have I been up to these past few days? Well quite a lot of cleaning out of my cupboards - nothing good. Just trying to get rid of those naff things that I've bought over the years that don't fit me or my style any more. Some things I've put into storage because I cant bear to let them go - kind of like an outpatients ward. If I don't see it, it will be easier to let go of later!

And I've also been watching this interesting 5 part series on Youtube - "The 60's - The Beatles decade". Basically it tries to follow the ups and downs of the Beatles in line with the changes of the 60s, focusing mainly on England and its own political and social story. 
You can watch parts 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 here

I also took time to take photos of all the little projects I've been doing here and there. Repair jobs and modifications as well. 

You may recall a certain 70's shirt dress I bought which I planned to modify to fit me properly. 

I did a fair bit to make it fit as I like. I took out the side seams which had a generous 2cm allowance and sewed them down to 5mm seams! I also took up the hem and pulled in the back darts to make it fit better. 

Here is the end result - much looser and more comfortable. The original fit was very tight on my hips and very big at the top. 

I also made up this mini skirt from the green crimplene I found at the opp-shop. It really is a lovely fabric to sew with! I can see why Sarah from Style Sixties loves it so much.

In both photos you can see my new shoes that I had ordered for my birthday present. I got to order them exactly as I wanted them - green patent leather, 1 inch block heel and an interesting feature buckle. I also got them a half size bigger then normal so they would fit comfortably.

They were not cheap by any stretch as they were ordered custom designed from Milk and Honey shoes. A lot of people use them for their bridal shoes, but as it was my birthday and I didn't have to pay (yay!) it was ok!

I had looked at lots of 60's style heels from around 1966 on wards for ideas with lots of colours and small heels good for dancing. I'm very much in love with the end result, because they are exactly what I've wanted for a number of years. You can see my chunky shoe obsession here on my pinterest board!

You may also recall I had intentions of making a new nightie as my favourite one was getting a bit old and my poor boyfriend was sick of seeing me wear what was slowly becoming a rag around the house. 

We chose this soft purple fabric to make a smocked nighty from Butterick 5513. 

I kept the sleeves long and added elastic to the wrist so that I can easily pull them up should I need, and I also took out the bust and back darts so that there was less stuff going on on the inside. I also knew that if I made it too tight it will get all caught up and will tear again along the seam line. 

The back should have a zipper, but I left the top half of it open with just a button closure at the top. Zippers are not really ideal for night wear! And I also replaced the facings for bias binding - again just so that there was less to fuss with. 

And lastly, I really must show you this lovely peachy lady I found at the opp shop! I think it might have cost me like $3. I'm guessing it's late 50's or early 60's. There is no tag any more but the 'Dacron' label has been left behind. The seams are not finished like a normal mass produced dress so the mystery of who made this and for whom will always elude me. 

It fits me well, though I think I may have to wait for summer to wear it.

So what have you been up to this Easter break? Did you manage to stuff your face with chocolate bunnies or hot cross buns? Or perhaps you just enjoyed the extra time off. 

We have a 4 day weekend in Australia, beginning with Good Friday and ending with Easter Monday - is your country so kind as to give you a big break like that? I'm so curious! 

Thanks for popping in!

Cat xo


  1. I love Easter, to be fair as much as I love all the celebrations, but I like this tradition!
    I was afraid because it seems that I wouldn't be doing the Egg Hunt for once... But later in the day all my two parents family called me to do it... It was fun!
    You look gorgeous, I specially love the orange dress!


    1. oh thats lucky! i didnt get to do one this year!

  2. Ack I love everything, as usual. The nightie is my favourite because my nightie is also my boyfriend's laughing stock (I've had it since I was 16 and it is now not much more than a rag haha). I don't know if I trust myself to sew one durable enough to put up with my thrashings at night so might just have to try and buy a new one as cute as yours!

    The peach dress is gorgeous too and fits you so nicely. But the green shoes!! Ugh. Amazing.

    1. haha! oh we all seem to have nighties we love but our boyfriends do not! If you ever make one, just try to find a pattern that is loose and fabric that is somewhat strong. no cotton sateen!

  3. Have you seen her all in gold?
    Like a queen in days of old
    She shoots her colors all around
    Like a sunset going down
    Have you seen a lady fairer?
    She comes in colors ev'rywhere;
    She combs her hair
    She's like a rainbow
    Coming, colors in the air
    Oh, everywhere
    She comes in colors
    - Mick Jagger/Keith Richards

    A thought in my head I think
    Of something to do
    Expressions tell everything
    I see one on you

    Wo-wo-wo-wo my love she comes in colors
    You can tell her from the clothes she wears
    - Arthur Lee and his band Love

    Hello, dear Catherine!

    What an awesome and colorful fashion show! Seems (seams? :) every color of the rainbow looks sharp on you. Those are very pretty shoes, too, and by ordering a half size bigger you can hopefully avoid the cruel shoe syndrome to which our friend Lucy fell victim. I should think the boy is quite happy with the purple nightie you made. It's gorgeous and you're a dream girl in it!

    To sum it up, you are a skilled artist. You know how to make and purchase clothes that will look perfect on you as all these colorful examples do!

    Enjoy the rest of your Easter break down under, dear friend Catherine!

    1. awww i love that song! thank you! haha

      i havent heard the second one though, i will need to look it up.

      I can bear not to have lots of colour in my wardrobe, though it does mean i have to buy more to accessorise with! Including lovely green shoes =)

  4. Productive times! So many stylish new additions to your wardrobe! That second outfit is utter perfection! I love green too! Such a great mini!
    The shoes are so cute! Perhaps I'll have to look into getting some shoes made...I have wide feet and I never find anything I like at the shops.
    The peach dress and the new nightie look so pretty on you! It must be so fun to find something so lovely that was handmade.

    1. thank you! i think milk and honey can offer wide fittings too, perhaps email them?
      I was very surprised to find the pink dress! such a lovely thing to be hanging about in a suburban op-shop!

  5. You have been busy! Our l-o-n-g weekend started with loads of cupbaord emptying too (and we didn't buy loads to replace all the crap when we took it to the charity shop!)
    Love the green dress refashioning, the nightie is a dream (I'm sure I have that pattern) and that pleated dress is a beauty - what a stunning colour.
    Love the crimplene mini and those dreamy shoes, too! You always inspire me to crack the sewing machine out! xxxxx

    1. Thank you! xo Im sure you would totally rock this pattern! it comes with pants too, though im not sure how they would fit with only an elastic waist.

  6. wow! great outfits!! i just love the peach/orange dress and the green nini with black top. those are SO ADORABLE! i just love them.
    great stuff :)

  7. You have been a busy lady, I love the green mini skirt - yay for crimplene! You did a great job on the refashioning of that dress and your new shoes are amazing, I just love them.

    I didn't get any sewing done over the bank holiday, there was so much going on in London that I was out most of the time. I went to a 60s all nighter on Sunday which was brilliant, my poor feet were killing me on Monday from all the dancing!

    1. I know, 10 days off and i got all this done, i wonder what you will get up to in your year off?

      oh id love to go to an all nighter or anything remotely 60s related that isn't eventually taken over by the rockabilly set. i know in Perth there is an awesome club but that's on the other side of the country!

  8. Great outfits - the green is stunning on you!

  9. I too took a whole load of clothes to the consignment store--they had been in a spare closet for a whole year so i definitely didn't need them! That peach dress is sooo lovely on you and your smile lights it up!

    1. hehe yes! if you dont use it for a year, its easier to chuck. though i have things i pt away, then take out, then put away again!

      thank you lovely! xo

  10. Your shoes are gorgeous and the perfect colour! And that is one glamour nightie.
    I have had the 10 days as well (woo hoo) - and yes I have stuffed my face with chocolate. A bit of sewing and lots of family time, and now it's friday....time for late tax preparation - boo....

    1. thanks dear!
      10 days! hasn't it be glorious? though the weather is slowly turning back to work weather, time to learn to drag myself out of bed at 5am again. eek!

  11. So much green going on, I love it! I you definitely chose a great pair of shoes for your birthday.
    Your nifty new nightie makes me think maybe it's time to update my sleepwear.
    And gosh, $3 for that orange dress. What a lucky find!

    1. hi! oh thank you sweet! i love them to bits. Nighties are fun to sew, because even if you screw up, no one will see it except you!

  12. Taking inspiration from you I hacked off too much of my hem on the latest dress I made, lol. I can't rock the short, short length like you can. My hips are too wide and they cause the skirt to sit up higher, hence exposing underwear (that no one wants to see...haha).

    1. ooh no! thats the worst! im always abit worried that my skirt is too short for work, but i wear tights as a remedy for that.
      Maybe wear a slip? so that the dress doesn't go walkies upwards? i sometimes have to do that when my hips expand after naughty food binges...

  13. Those shoes are a DREAM!

    1. i know! the best shoes ive ever had!

  14. Those shoes are so good! Patent leather is so amazing and yet I never considered it in green and it's so goood!

    1. Ooh its the prettiest! patent any colour is good! I think ill get navy next...


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