Monday, March 31, 2014

It's getting better all the time

Hello hello there! 

How was your weekend? 

Thank you for all your comments on my previous post. I'll reply to them all shortly as I think they all need a properly written response as you all took the time to write such nice things. 

I think sometimes I just get myself worked up and need a little breathing space and time for things I enjoy! Everyone goes through periods of good times and down times and it's important for our mental health to try to get ourselves out of the funk we've buried ourselves in. 
I've been really good and working away at the tweed pinafore. The fabric is really lovely to sew with - no special needles required. And so far I've gone through 3 packets of bias trim for all the Hong Kong seams!

Here she is currently...

I have since sewn on the facings - which I initially did on the wrong side! Oops! 
But I of course unpicked it and corrected it. I think tonight before bed or maybe tomorrow I will sew the arm hole facings and then there is just the button holes and hem to do. I might sew the buttons first so that I've got it hanging correctly before I hem it. 
It would be a shame to sew a nice hem and then for the button placement to throw it out of alignment on the bottom!

So much bias binding!

What you don't realise when looking at the dress is the need for a whole bunch of press-studs that support the closure of the back and the pattern doesn't mention them in the notions list. So there's those to plot and sew on also.

Once that's done I'll whip up the blouse - so maybe I will have a new outfit to show your this weekend! Wish me luck! 

On Saturday I went to visit my hair dressers, who have now moved two shops down from C's flashback, and as my visit didn't cost as much as I anticipated, I spent the remainder on these two dresses - both $30 each

The yellow sporty one is I think 1960s. It looks awfully similar to those Sears catalogue sports type dresses from the mid sixties. 

See? same, same!

And also this rather smart 70s or 80s polyester dress. It's fits really well and I wore it to work today! 

I also finally picked up a book that I've been eyeing for a while. The cover art is a little plain, but so far the info is pretty informative - broken into 3 sections for early, mid and late 60s and then a few extra chapters in between. This is going to be a fun one to read! 

Well I'm off to bed! I promised myself I would go to the gym tomorrow morning because I was so busy with work today I couldn't go. I know I'm mental right? Gym in the morning?!? Well we'll see how I go when my alarm goes off at 4:30am. Ouch! 

How was your weekend? Did you do any opp-shopping or sewing? 

Lots of love
Cat xo


  1. Your pinafore dress looks lovely so far and that secretary-style dress is such a good find! I didn't do any sewing or shopping this weekend, but I did do some exercising!

    1. Yay exercise! That's good too I guess, but sewing is more fun ammarite? The secretary dress is really cool! I love wearing it.

  2. The dress is looking great so far! I love your opp-shop finds too. I spent the weekend dancing until the small hours and binge watching mad men with the boy x

    1. Ohh that's a wonderful weekend! Even though I was last week now! Lol.

      Are you excited for the new season? Megan and Sally's outfits look so amazing in the promo photos!

  3. Your pinafore is looking great, I really love the choice of fabric! Great opp-shop finds too, the yellow dress looks as if it could be really versatile.

    1. Thanks! The yellow dress is really stretchy so it's quite forgiving on the old lumpy bits. I should try playing tennis in it one day just for laughs!

  4. That yellow dress is very scooterist, you'd be the belle of the ball at the event one of my mates is putting on in the UK soon! Shame you can't come over. The mods would worship you.
    Love both dresses on you and that pinafore's going to be a beauty, well worth unpicking and redoing properly although its very tempting to cut corners sometimes! xxx

    1. Scooter dress! That's what it's called!

      There is hardly such events here, id have to tag my boyfriend along in his mod regalia to protect me!

      The pinny is done too! I'll hopefully post the photos tonight or tomorrow :)

  5. Ugh, I can't face any exercise too early in the morning...!!!
    The pinafore is coming along beautifully! Who'd have guessed there was so much to it!
    The yellow frock is adorable, very Mod! I naturally love the one with the little pussy bow too.
    That book looks terrific.
    I finished off a frock on Saturday, a whole lot of handstitching....will be starting a new one, a square dance one, when I get back from Helgastock!

    1. Oh I know I'm mental, but now that day light savings is over all the people on the train at night suddenly become even creepier then normal!

      I can't wait to see your square dancing dress! Please tell me is made from gingham?

  6. Glad your sewjo is returning. Not a lot of sewing for me - just a bit sad I wasn't rocking out to the stones in my new gold pants I made specially for the event! Never mind - they will keep until later this year!

    1. Agh I know! That must have been a kick in the teeth. But at least you'll get to wear them later this yeah! Yay!

      Yay sewjo! That is the best portmanteau I've heard in ages

  7. Hello. I have been lurking around your blog for a while, I do like your take on the 60s and following your sewing adventures. If you are looking for a seam binding option I have just discovered Hug Snug and I am in love. I bought it from The Zipper Stop (via Ebay, I couldn't source an Aust supplier but there might be one out there) after reading a tutorial about it on the Lilacs & Lace blog, Brilliantly cost effective (even with shipping), presses well, finish looks lovely and comes in about eighty thousand colours. I am currently using it on a wool tweed dress and it makes my inner sewing nerd very happy. Looking forward to seeing your finished tweed.

    1. hello! thank you for lurking around, i don't mind! that hung'n'snug looks really pretty! nice and light weight without adding bulk! ill have to try to find it. every bias manufacturer seems to like to over starch their bias tape. its always so bloody stiff. and then just to mix things up, i managed to get one packet where it was soft, like a cotton voile or something.

      its all finished, hopefully some photos tonight!

  8. Me used to be angry young man
    Me hiding me head in the sand
    You gave me the word, I finally heard
    I'm doing the best that I can

    Hello, dear Catherine! Ever since I spotted the title of your post I've had this Beatles ditty stuck in my head and playing on a continuous loop. I don't mind at all because I have always liked the song. After reading your previous post and the beginning of this one, I also came up with these lyrics from the Frank Sinatra hit:

    That's life (that's life), that's what all the people say
    You're ridin' high in April, shot down in May
    But I know I'm gonna change that tune
    When I'm back on top, back on top in June

    "That's Life" reminds us that life is cyclical and can turn in a split second. We all fall into the doldrums for a period and perhaps start to believe we'll never pull out. Yet, only one minute later, we can be back on top of the world, filled with energy and enthusiasm. The catalyst that triggers the rapid, dramatic change might be a sight you see, a favorite song you hear, a random noise linked to a positive experience in your past, the soothing voice of a loved one, a particular smell like flowers or cinnamon buns baking or a specific touch. Encouraging words and the reaffirmation of a friendship can also turn your day around in an instant. That is what you and I have done and I thank you, dear Catherine.

    Yellow becomes you. I would call it one of your power colors or signature colors. I can see you in yellow with black accents. I keep thinking about you wearing that hat in the outfit I called your Stevie Nicks "Rhiannon" look:

    Regardless, the sporty yellow 60s inspired dress is easily one of your cutest acquisitions. So is the exceptionally smart and perfect fitting polyester dress, ideal to wear to the office. The only possible downside is that you might create a distraction at work simply because you look so good in it.

    I'm sure you'll find some interesting new information in that book and I trust that you will relay it to us here on your blog.

    Thank you very much for being the complete blogger and a dedicated friend, dear Catherine. Have a wonderful Thursday!

    1. Thanks Shady for your kind words. That song is pretty on key for me right now. I think my low period has ended though! I'm actually liking sewing again and did a big clean of my house on the weekend. Good signs for me! And yes, life is cyclical and there will be more low times, but hopefully more happy times!

      It's funny you say that! Yellow and black is very weird for me to wear because for awhile it was our departmental colours an and paint colours on the walls were orange, black and yellow! So I can't bring myself to wear them together for those reasons. I'd look a little too like the company woman. Yellow I it's own is ok though especially with navy!

      Thank you again and my apologies for taking so long to reply

  9. Your tweed pinafore is looking really good! I'm sure it's going to be a dream to mix and match with many different blouses underneath. And what a nice little treat that you got to buy yourself some dresses. They are both very lovely, I am especially fond of that gorgeous stripey one. I've been needing a good read lately, perhaps I should begin checking out the coffee table book sections in the bookstore. Don't work yourself to hard!

    1. Thanks Lucy! The blouse was really quick to make so I think I will make a few! And they're a really cute look to so I can wear them with trousers or a skirt.

      There are quite a few 60s or history of fashion books around, but they are all huge and cost a pretty penny so I can only read them at home or in the car. The BIBA ones are really good and there is another good book around called 'London in the Sixties' which covers movies, music, art and of course fashion. I learned quite a bit from just that one book. It's really good and small enough to carry in your bag

  10. Your dress purchases are spot on - what great finds!! Looking forward to seeing your finished pinafore

    1. Thanks Lexi! The pinny is finished! I might even post the photos tomorrow!

  11. I'm so excited to see how your pinafore and blouse turn out! How is the Sixties Fashion book so far, if you've started reading it?
    By the way, I wanted to let you know that I nominated your blog for a Liebster award! I'm aware that you have received it in the past, so you are more than welcome to dismiss this one, if you'd like! Just thought I should let you know, regardless :)

    1. hey thanks! i havent read it yet. its such a huge book to carry around, though i might get a bit of reading done this Easter break.
      thank you for the nomination as well! i have my post on the leibster award here


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