Friday, August 16, 2013

My Sewing Space

Today I took the day off work for an Orthodontist appointment so it was nice to be home on a week day morning.

Outside kids are walking to school, cars are making a fuss about getting through the traffic and neighbours are going in and out to leave for the day. I was going to do a little sewing before my appointment, but in the bright morning light everything looks much newer and fresher. Something I only get to see on the weekends

I thought I'd take a photo of my sewing area for you and the tools I use most while working

My sewing area is at the end of the dining table in a corner so I can spread out and make a mess in one little area if I need. The spare room is dark and pokey so I'm not keen on being in there much and from here I can watch TV, listen to music or keep an eye on my cooking.

My pretty sewing machine Dolly has been behaving well since her return from repairs

The little tray next to my machine keeps hold of all the bits that I use the most. Pins and scissors and old mug that I use to collect the snipped threads. I've had a few instances of my cat trying to eat the thread if I leave it on the table, so this cup acts as a tiny bin.

My sewing box sits on the chair next to me. It's a fish tackle box so it has lots of little compartments for thread and I can close it up quickly if I need to take it somewhere. The tray comes out to reveal more of my sewing bits

My iron is nothing too remarkable, but I really like my ironing board cover. It was a limited edition design by a student from the Whitehouse Institute for a Sunbeam competition. It has little green budgies on it and stays permanently propped up 

The fabric pile for planned projects like looks like this and sits behind the couch as I don't have anywhere else to put them. The draws intended for this use are filled with fabric from previous projects. I really need to sort through it!

I'm also worried that if i put them away ill forget about them!

Some other things I use regularly but I have been good enough to find a spot for them.

My sewing and craft books
The reader’s digest one is my go to book as well as Sewing by Honor Gillet

The Golden Hands magazines were my mums and there's lots of very interesting and typically 70s style craft projects

The complete guide to Needlecraft gets a look-in sometimes but the 2 couture sewing books are used a lot more

Couture Sewing Techniques and Couture Sewing Tailoring Techniques both by Claire B. Shaeffer 

My TV sits on top of an IKEA Malm unit and the top draw stores my sewing patterns and button collection.

The buttons are a combined inheritance from my Grandma, which was added to by my mum and I use and add to it all the time.

The tins are just old cookie and chocolate tins

I did make a huge effort to sort the buttons into little bags a few years back. It was a huge project but its much easier to find matching buttons now. There is somewhere around 3900 buttons all together. Imagine sifting through all of that to find the same tiny button!

I might show off a few individually one day

I have had a long relationship with these buttons. I used to "play" with them as a kid. When I mean play I just used to sort them and make little groups. I was a strange kid!

Hanging on the side of the bookcase are the unfinished projects. Annoyingly most of these things just need a new hem or a slight adjustment. The white sleeveless coat I’m still trying to decide how to arrange the braiding (going on 10 months now!)

I'll get to them eventually...

Even though I occupy the dining space, when friends are over or when we eat it’s all packed away very easily and stacked in the corner or in the spare room. I’d like to have a designated sewing spot, but living in an apartment, I just need to work with what I have.

Have a good week end all!

Cat xo


  1. This post is so exciting! I love your sewing corner and I'm so curious to see when this coat is ready and all the patterns you have there! Also you're so organised, I really jealous haha I wanted to make a little vest with braided embroidery but it's way out of my skills right now.. I hope you have a lovely weekend! xxx

    1. thank you! I am a bit funny with being neat. Perhaps a bit of OCD! haha
      Hopefully ill get to the coat before Christmas so i can wear it then
      Have a good weekend too!

  2. Ohh, I love this post! Such great organization - especially with the buttons and your sewing patterns! That's so inspiring to see, and how you've made a perfect space for yourself with what you have. :) And I also know exactly what you mean about how nice it is to be at home on a weekday: when you work a M-F schedule, there's just something that feels particularly special about being home during those hours and how different it can be to have it to yourself.

    1. Thank you! xo

      Yes its so different to taking normal holidays. perhaps knowing that everyone else is working and you're not? haha

  3. I've had this past week off and it is so nice to just be at home when everyone else is at work! I loved seeing your sewing space, hope you have a good weekend x

    1. im hoping to take time off soon, when i get my braces! I hope it was a refreshing break for you?
      Have a good weekend also!

  4. Really enjoyable post Catherine! Don't worry, I used to play with my Nanny's buttons like that too when I was a little girl ha! The coat with braiding is such a great project. It will be marvelous to see when it is finished. Great idea for keeping the snipped threads in a little mug too!

    1. Thank you Lucy! Hopefully i can make up my mind about the braiding soon!


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