Friday, May 24, 2013

Pattern Purchases & Pop Up Shops

I had a little shopping spree this morning on eBay and bought a few cute dress patterns from the late 60s

McCalls 8917 from 1967
It's says it’s a teen pattern so I might have to make a muslin first just in case there's any trickiness across the shoulders. The long-sleeve version looks like it will be great in a soft viscose rayon or silk. Hope fully I can find one in a fun psychedelic print

Butterick 4712 late 60s
I really like view C, cause I'm pretty excited for that scalloped edging! And that belt on the black one is giving me a disco vibe!

Simplicity 7436 from 1967
View 2 (far right) is my favourite. Check out the stockings on view 3! Love them!

McCalls 2197 from 1969
View B is totally ruining it for me. A and C get in my wardrobe now!

And I've decided to participate in Did you make that's Pajama Party sew along. And of course I had to pick a 60s pajama pattern...

I also received my Spoonflower order today, so this weekend I'll be visiting the local Lincraft to pick to some lining, shoulder pads and flannel underlining for my jacket. It's possibly the worst Lincraft in Sydney but they seem to always be playing the golden oldies radio station when I'm in there so I get to simultaneously listen to the Beatles while losing my shit because they don't sell ANY purple buttons!

I'll also be heading over to Newtown for the Fabric-a-Brac pop up store. They'll be selling vintage fabric, buttons, notions and patterns. If you live in Sydney you should go one down and treat yourself to some goodies! Hopefully I’ll get some great fabric for a tutorial that I’m working on, and if I make these items nicely I might even put them up for sale on my eBay account for you to get your hands on!
Stay tuned for the tutorials...

And cause its Friday, let’s all take a moment to look at the dreaminess that is a young Jimmy Page in his Yardbirds days...



Happy weekend! 

Cat xoxo 


  1. Hi, Cat! I've expressed this to other teens and twenty-somethings who fancy the styles, music and culture of the Sixties. I wish you could have been there because you would have fit right in and had a ball. The Yardbirds were a super group that doesn't get mentioned often enough in discussions of the great English bands of the period. Thank you for giving them a nod in today's post. Have a wonderful weekend, dear Cat!

    1. I know what you mean! The Yardbirds are in the Rock n Roll hall of Fame which means both Jimmy Page and Eric Clapton are in there multiple times! If people tell me they like early Rolling Stones I always recommend the Yardbirds.
      Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Some great patterns that you've found. I cannot wait to see what you do with them!

    1. Thanks Lucy! I cant wait for the mailman to bring them!

  3. argh those pockets in the first pattern are so cute, I really like the inverted pleat to.


    1. That pleat is going to do so well hiding after-lunch belly! haha

  4. I love the yardbirds!

    I hadn't heard about the pyjama party, but I am super excited about it now! I LOVE that pyjama pattern you have, I may have to track one down for myself :)

    1. Yeah! Join the party! we can be the vintage pajama posse!

  5. Love the scallop dress , can't wait to see your work on it !


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