Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Beat it on down the line

So I thought I'd show you what I'm currently busy working on and what I've got planned for the next few months of sewing...

I've recently bought this fabric print in Cotton Sateen from Spoonflower which I intend on making into a skirt and jacket outfit.
I've never sewn a tailored jacket before and am yet to find a decent tailoring supplies store in Sydney. So it's gonna be interesting!

 This is my inspiration image. I don't have this pattern and it isn't for sale anywhere I've looked, so instead I will use a combination of 2 other patterns Burdastyle Mini Skirt 08/2012 #135 (without pockets) and Burdastyle Jorinde 4112. I may change the lapel of the jacket slightly.

The skirt I have sewn many times, so that will be a cinch. The jacket - well I'll keep you included in my attempt at tailoring!

I had initially designed this fabric for the skirt and jacket but I've chickened out! 

For some reason I couldn't fathom the idea of wearing both together in the modern day! I may instead make a dress and coat - because for some reason my brain thinks thats ok! (wtf brain??)
Perhaps from this pattern instead maybe?

The print design is inspired by the Miu Miu jacket from AW12. I traced the floral motif from a necklace I own, made some changes in illustrator and voila!
Just a little hint of 60s brocade print and lovely rich purple. Which makes me wonder. when was the last time purple was fashionable and why does it have to be an autumn colour? Purple is fantastic!

Maybe I'll keep that investigation for another blog post..

Back to sewing! Currently in the sewing Machine is this orange and black brocade coat. I picked up the fabric from Tessutis in Surry Hills.(no sleeves yet!)

 I am currently using this pattern, but it's very straight and boxy and not in a flattering way. So I plan to add some darts to the back. Also the shoulders are hanging way off my shoulder tip so I might have to redo them. Or add a dart to the shoulder maybe?

Hems to follow after I figure out that conundrum!

Also to sew, is my most precious of patterns. This one is by Mary Quant. I plan to do it justice and so I haven't found quite the right fabric for it yet. A wool jersey would be nice maybe?

And of course many, many, many dresses. Dresses are my favorite thing to sew!

What have you got currently sitting on your sewing pile?
Do you collect and make inspiration boards? (Pinterest or otherwise)

xoxo Cat


  1. This is going to be super cute! I just found your blog through sew retro and can't wait to see what you sew up!

    1. Thanks Paige! and thanks for popping over from Sew Retro!

  2. i love your fabric design, perhaps if the design was printed at a small scale it'd work better? dunno!

    1. maybe! that's the great thing about spoonflower. I could try it in all shapes and colours. I like this big one for now so we'll see how it goes!

  3. The orange and black brocade number is a beaut.


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