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Monday, June 17, 2013

Giveaway Winner!

Okay so I'm a bit later than 7pm - what with real life happening an all (aka work) 

There was 4 entries into this wee little contest - The odds have never been better! 

So a big congratulations to Fabee CrazeeGirl

Fabee CrazeeGirl mentioned that she wanted to learn more about setting in sleeves properly, so I will be prepping up a little report/tutorial on that soon! 

Fabee CrazeeGirl please email me and let me know your postage details! 

Thank you also to the other entrants - Midnight and Dawn who wanted to learn more about interfacing, and Melanie who wanted to learn about sewing shirts, trouser fly's and fitting! 

Wow such great topics! I will take all your suggestions on board and try to come up with some tutorials for each of these. 

And a special mention to Lucy in the Sky who mentioned that she would like to learn the piano (again) as she was once quite apt, but without practice has forgotten some of the notes! So sad! 
Don't worry Lucy I'm sure you'll pick it up again one day!

Thank you ladies for participating in this giveaway - hopefully l'll have something  more substantial to give away in the future! 

Thanks again! 

Cat xo