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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Burdastyles 50 Best bloggers Part 2 (and a giveaway!!!)

You may remember this post in which Burdastyle announced a competition to find the 50 best bloggers for sewers and I asked for your help in voting for me... 

Well guess what??


60s style leaps all over!!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Its give-away announcement time!

Well hello! How was your weekend? 

Mine was well spent getting started on a new weaving project, shopping for dreamy vintage dresses at Retrospectrum and learning about Filipino food but not actually getting to eat any!

Isn't this dress fab!? It matches my blog theme!
Photo taken by Dann @ Retrospectrum

But I know you don't want to hear about all that! I know you just want to know who the winner of the give-away is!!!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

My Pattern collection and a giveaway!

Hello there lovely people! 

I have two rather exciting things to tell you about!

The first thing is that I have put my organising skills to good use and created a new page listing all of my sewing pattern collection. It was a bit of a pain trying to get blogger to line the pictures up just as I liked them but managed to find some coding tips over here which did the trick.

I really wanted a way to be able to look up my own patterns easily while out shopping and also somewhere for you the reader to see them as well. So I had looked at apps for organising patterns and thought of using flickr as a portal but in the end I decided it might be good to have them all on the blog where it would make sense to have them and then include links to all the projects where I have used them before

Pop over to the page to have a look! There is a button to the right of this page and there is also the link below;

They're all sorted by company name and pattern number so they're easy to find and if you ever need a hand with finding a missing piece, let me know!

Monday, September 30, 2013

The Beatles in Australia (and a little giveaway!)

On Sunday, my boyfriend and I took a little visit to the city to see the exhibition - The Beatles in Australia! 

The exhibition details the hype before, during and after The Beatles tour to Australia in June 1964.

It was a pretty thorough and exciting exhibition, with lots of newspaper clippings, magazines, promotional merchandise and newsreel footage for visitors to read. There were also listening booths set up to hear from people who were there recall their own experiences with the tour and a mini diner set with a jukebox and dining table so you could sit and flick through scrapbooks put together by various Beatles fans

You can view the entire photo album over here on my Flickr, but here are a few stand outs of the exhibition

Monday, June 17, 2013

Giveaway Winner!

Okay so I'm a bit later than 7pm - what with real life happening an all (aka work) 

There was 4 entries into this wee little contest - The odds have never been better! 

So a big congratulations to Fabee CrazeeGirl

Fabee CrazeeGirl mentioned that she wanted to learn more about setting in sleeves properly, so I will be prepping up a little report/tutorial on that soon! 

Fabee CrazeeGirl please email me and let me know your postage details! 

Thank you also to the other entrants - Midnight and Dawn who wanted to learn more about interfacing, and Melanie who wanted to learn about sewing shirts, trouser fly's and fitting! 

Wow such great topics! I will take all your suggestions on board and try to come up with some tutorials for each of these. 

And a special mention to Lucy in the Sky who mentioned that she would like to learn the piano (again) as she was once quite apt, but without practice has forgotten some of the notes! So sad! 
Don't worry Lucy I'm sure you'll pick it up again one day!

Thank you ladies for participating in this giveaway - hopefully l'll have something  more substantial to give away in the future! 

Thanks again! 

Cat xo

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Psst! Did you know I'm doing a giveaway?

Yes a giveaway! Just a little one over here

This nifty little zine if perfect if you don't know a needle from a pin or if you'd like learn some basic techniques on repairing clothing - perfect for all those vintage items that need a little love.

To win all you have to do is tell me something you would like to learn. It doesn't have to be sewing related (but that would be good so I can set up some tutorials!)

I will pick a winner tomorrow at 7pm AEST (in 24 hours) and have it sent out to you wherever you are in the world!

Good luck! xo

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Blog Society + Giveaway!

Yesterday I attended the launch of Blog Society  and their workshop ‘Learning the art of digital story telling”. It was hosted by Jaclyn Carlson from Little Paper Trees and also included Jen Bishop from InteriorsAddict  and Vivian Mansour from Ish and Chi 

We then broke off into groups to learn a few new skills on styling and photography. I don’t often get to do nicely styled vignettes on this blog, but it was still useful and there are ways I know I can adapt them into sewing life. My group was hosted by Jessica Bellef – Stylist for Temple and Webster  Photographers Milton Gan and Emma Scamell

We learnt about using scale, texture, colour, harmony and shape. Here are some of my attempts…

It was a really useful day and I meant lots of amazing people from all different genres. I was so great to meet my fellow Sydney bloggers;

Noah and Willow (Events planning)
Mscritique (Beauty, Style, Food, Travel)
Lipstick and Cake (food, beauty, lifestyle)
Annette Wilson (Photography)
Antipodean Diaries (Beauty, Style, Food, Home)
The Urchin Collective (Life, style & Curiosities)
The Style Project (Interior Design)
Potty Mouth Mama (life, beauty, fashion and everything else)
Eat Read Love (gorgeous styling, food and photography)
Amanda Fuller of Kaleidoscope (Interior & Graphic design)
Amanda May  (Fashion and Styling)
Dom Morris of Crafted  (crafty tutorials and more)

There was so many wonderful people there I didn’t get to meet everyone (If you were there, let me know and ill add you to my shout out list above!)

After such a great day of networking and learning, I popped down to the book store and picked up some new sewing books – including this nifty zine Fix your Clothes by Raileigh Briggs 

It’s a cute little book which has some very handy hits for repairing your clothes like sewing on buttons, mending seams, darning holes, and caring for certain fabrics.
Pretty basic stuff – but I have met people who didn't know how to sew a button and this zine would have been great to pass on!

As a sewer (and now blogger) I can never stop learning. There are so many techniques out there that I’d love to know and become an expert at. Reading other blogs, going to workshops and meeting other people all help with us learning more and more about our craft or life in general.

To win this book all you have to do is tell me something you would really like to learn. It doesn't have to be sewing related (but that would be good so I can set up some tutorials!)
I will pick a winner and have it sent out to you wherever you are in the world!

If you’re a pretty good sewer and you’re not keen for the zine (rhymes!) let me know in you comment

Cat xo