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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Opp shop a loo-la

I haven't woke up early enough on a Saturday in awhile to be able to go to the opp shop, which closes at 12. (Yes I sometimes sleep till 12, what of it?)

But today I had to go to the post office (which also closes at 12) so I on my way back I popped into the ole' reliable opp shop for some goodies!  

Sometimes I read all those clever crafty blogs and wonder where they come up with all their DIY ideas, I think they get them from books like this... 

How awesome is that 3D bird? There's lots of other nice ideas in there! 

This swirl painted bangle and a neat little tin. I love to collect tins and other box-type things. 

When I spotted this scarf I thought it was a new-ish reproduction from a chain store, but the label says Rayon and made in Japan, to me that says 70s, so yay! 

This opp shop I go to, isn't often that forthcoming with fab clothes, but I took a quick peek at the jacket rack and found this 80s Liz Claiborne wool boucle blazer. And in my size! Awesome! 

I also took my chance at the fabric box and pulled out almost all the contents until I found this purple stretch velvet. There's only about 1/2 a meter there so I might get a flippy miniskirt out of it if I'm lucky

In that same box I found a half finished blouse. It's almost finished so why not get it right? And then in the craft box I found a zip-loc bag with with some of the other parts of the top! 

Great! So now I can finish it...

And then to cap it off, I found the actual pattern (Butterick 4631) in the patterns box! All 3 parts separated and now brought back together. Yay!

And last but not least, in the record crate which is normally full of musicals and classical stuff, I found this record

I didn't actually know who Buffy Sainte Marie is, but she looked a little like Vix from Vintage Vixen and I liked her dress so into my shopping basket she went. 

Turns out Buffy Sainte Marie is a well known Canadian First Nations singer/songwriter. She wrote 'Universal Soldier' which became a hit for Donovan and had many other songs covered by other well known singers and spent her formative years in the Greenwich Village alongside other Canadian musicians Leonard Cohen and Joni Mitchel

I'm not sure which one was the best score today - the record or the half-finished top!

None the less, for a total of $15 it was a good day!

Are you planning on visiting your local oppy this weekend?

Cat xo