Saturday, May 16, 2015

Me Made May Part one

Hello readers! I hope you have been enjoying yourselves lately. It's been a very chilly May so far - winter is so close! So it has made for some very interesting outfits lately. Sometimes I forget to wear tights when it's cold and sometimes it's too warm for a coat and I have to carry the darn thing around. The other day I completely forgot to check the temperature in the morning and walked out dressed for a 20 degree day and it never went above 16! By the time I had to go home it was below 11 and so I resorted to wearing my wellington boots home with my stinky gym socks to give me some small about of warmth!

The things you do for fashion! 

Anyway, so here's how Me Made May has been going so far...

May 1st I almost forgot it was Me Made May but I was luckily wearing a top that I had made from some cotton (flannelette maybe) fabric. It was a vintage fabric bought at Fabric a Brac so its a mystery!!! The top is an oversized shirt from Burda

On May 4th I wore a Mustard raglan smock made from a waffle textured fabric from Darn Cheap Fabrics. You can buy it here.

mmm waffles...

Here's a better photo - I had traced another dress that I love to make this pattern and it turned out really well. Because it's raglan sleeved it's much easier to trace then a set in sleeved dress, though its not impossible to do that either

On May 5th I wore my Julie dress - you can see it in this post in detail 

You may notice that I finally got around to adding both pockets on the dress (although the pattern is going the wrong way!) and also a little hook and eye at the collar to close it neatly. 

On May 7th I wore a me made skirt in a wool/ polyester blend. I had made this little skirt from Simplicity 6746 cut on the bias so it has nice movement and shape around the hem - which you can't really see in the photo :(

On May 8th I wore another me made skirt - this time from tan corduroy. I had used my favourite mini skirt pattern and simply cut up the front piece adding some extra fabric for the button facing. 

My cat was hanging around when I was trying to take the photo so I decided to include him, but instead he tried to jump out of my arms mid-shot!

A more detailed photo for you here!

May 10th was Mother's day - I wore a smock dress made from a pattern out of the Japanese sewing book - Formal and Little Black dress, out to lunch with mum. The fabric is a William Morris print that I bought at Spotlight

I haven't shown this dress on here properly but I will certainly try to post it soon!

On the 12th of May I wore a favourite Winter outfit - the Peggy Pinny from Simplicity 5028. I quite enjoy this dress. It's warm and chic and for something quite plain it always gets a lot of compliments. I think mostly because if the button fastening at the back! 

On the 13th of May I wore another dress I'm yet to post on here from McCall's 2078. 

It's made from a lovely brown toned floral print fabric from Lincraft - during one of those rare times when they sold a whole bunch of really cute fabrics for once. 

The last Me Made for this post today, I had whipped up a special dress for my works annual sales awards. I wanted to wear a long dress but it was more cocktail than formal attire so I just went for a short dress but with massive sleeves!

I made this from Simplicity 7715 in a slinky green moss crepe also from Darn Cheap Fabrics. It's still for sale here if you fancy some

Once I get my proper camera back from my friend, I'll photograph this gorgeous baby so you can see all its loveliness (And I'll iron it too!) 


Thanks for stopping by all! I'll be sure to post the second half of May's photos once the month is over. In the mean time you can see all my pictures on my Instagram

Have a fabulous weekend darlings! 

Cat xo


  1. Looking cool and dandy in May. Hope you adjust to the crazy weather and get those awesome coloured tights on rotation x

  2. That last dress is really lovely! Did you just draft your big sleeves yourself?

  3. Beautiful outfits, I love the mustard dress!
    But did you have to tell me that there are William Morris fabrics out there?! *imustn'tbuynewfabricimusn'tbuynewfabricimusn'tbuy*

  4. Hi, dear Catherine! Congratulations on exhibiting a stunning set of me-mades. They're all super but, if I had to pick a favorite, I would choose the one you were wearing whilst holding your cat. I also think you look great in boots.

    Have a wonderful week, dear friend Cat!

  5. Gorgeous pieces, every one, but the green dress with the fab sleeves has to be my favourite! xxx

  6. Oh I've got 7715, was my Mother in laws! It's in ufo status at the mo, so will be interested to read your review! Love the Peggy pinny too. I suspect you get compliments because it looks so timeless - kind of looks like you bought it from gorman!

  7. Beautiful outfits!!! I was born in 1956 and have many fond memories of the 60's. Thank you so much for sharing and warm greetings from Montreal, Canada. :)

  8. Great outfits Cat, I just love the green wrap dress!

  9. What an incredible round-up! I love each and every one although the suicidal cat takes some beating! xxx

  10. Lovely outfits! I just adore that corduroy skirt.


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