Sunday, November 9, 2014

Vintage pattern party

It's sunday night and I've spent most of the weekend doing chores, so I've not gotten any sewing or fun stuff done. Boo!

However, I did get to enjoy sorting through a bunch of new patterns that I bought from Stratostreak Vintage (Check out the video with her Twiggy collection!)
I have a good chunk of patterns that I need to post onto the Pattern collection page now, hopefully I don't screw up the HTML!

Anyway! Its time for a little Sunday evening/afternoon/morning eye candy!!

I am so loving this set of 70 patterns! So many Biba dreams waiting to be sewn up!

I'm not sure if I'll ever sew up those bottom two, but I think you know you're a collector when you have things just for the sake of having them

I have been after these two Chelsea collared beauties for awhile!

The top pattern very much appeals to my cuter girly side, but that Vogue pattern and its sophisticated chicness is so appealing. I wish wearing a shirt and skirt didn't look so boring on me, but this pattern seems to be promising a whole lot!

The top right pattern has a lovely detail at the neck with a little scarf holder. Such a great idea, especially because my scarves tend to move around a lot. And the pinny on the bottom right is really awesome! Look at that collar and buttons! 

Two more 70s beauties! The one on the right is too small so I'll have to go looking for the right size soon.

Oh so many pretties! And I buy each one with every intention of sewing them up one day too.

Which ones your favourite here? Send me an email if you'd ever like to do a pattern tracing swap!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday lovelies!

Cat xo 


  1. These patterns look so gorgeous! I really love the pinafore pattern and the biba-like patterns. It's interesting that in Germany and Austria (where I'm from) they don't used to sell many of those single patterns in the 60ies and 70ies, but there're a lot of magazines like Burda which tend to have 40 or more patterns in them.

    1. i love finding Biba-ish patterns. its the closest ill ever get to the real thing! I love the efficiency of Burda. So clever to have so many patterns together. I love getting the English version of German Burda. Its quite expensive here, but cheaper then buying all the single patterns on Burdastyle

  2. Replies
    1. indeed! it has a cute little detail at the shoulder which i love!

  3. That McCalls 7155 is divine! And the Style patterns are excellent as usual. I don't hear a lot about Style patterns, but they all seem to be really cute designs with fantastic pattern art.

    1. yes isnt she cute! I have used her on this blog before, but i only got it now.
      Style actually have some of the best patterns! the fit is really nice and yes, the envelope illustration is the best!

  4. Oh so pretty new patterns that you've got! I can't imagine how fantastic it must be to be able to create such beautiful dresses, choosing your own fabrics, prints and colours. It's so strange too, I've just bought a vintage dress that looks nearly identical to the maxi dress from Simplicity 9454!

  5. Ooh I've got simplicity 7715, currently a ufo from last summer! You've had a super haul there - gorgeous!

  6. Yep, I've got simplicity 7715 too, haven't got round to making it yet. And yes I too won't necessarily make everything I collect but I simply must have it!!! Thanks for showing us those. I should get round to posting my patterns soon too. Can't wait to see which one you make next xx

  7. Love all of them!!! '70s Biba dreams indeed. :)

  8. A dress with a scarf still my beating heart! You have some goodies here - thanks for sharing!

  9. There's a few I've got there - including Simplicity 9454 - I adore the sleeve but the make is beyond me, I think!
    What a haul, I could perv over these all day long! xxxx


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