Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Hello it's me, I've thought about us for a long long while

Hello dearest readers! I've been rather absent for a while haven't I? Happily it's not because of stressing sad reasons, this time it's because I've been mega busy with lots of fun happy friend filled things, and of course sewing!

So here's a little recap of whats been going on in Sewingthe60's land since July... 

The Love seat at Byron Bay Fresh

I've been cutting out and sewing a whole bunch of new stuff for summer including; but not pictured is some fabric that Miss Allie (now Allie J) and I will be sewing up together
**I didn't intend to share these photos originally so apologies if they're not the best**

Clockwise from top left - Seamwork Astoria jumper in Vintage tiny floral knit (peeking out from behind), Butterick 6309 (1971) view C (long dress) in a stripy knit, Vogue 7842 view B in black and white Indian cotton, Papercut patterns Guise pants in cotton paisley

I actually made the Vogue dress up in time for our weekend away in Byron Bay, but because the airline lost my bag I couldn't get it ready in time to wear out :(

Clockwise from top left - Raglan smock (traced from a bought dress) in Nani IRO green polka dot, Pauline Alice Xerea Dress view B in vintage green paisley, Stylish Dress book view F in  Kokka Yamamon printMay me pattern book view A line tunic in Nani IRO Sound Circle fabric

Clockwise from top left - May Me pattern book stripe tunic in Japanese striped jerseyFormal and Little black dress pattern book view E in Kokka denim look double gauze, Simplicity 7376 (1976) blazer in paisley cotton, newly acquired patterns - Butterick 6697 (1974), Butterick 5591 (1969), McCall's smocked pillow pattern 1961, Vogue 8002 culottes and wide leg pants

Most of these projects a a mix of Indie, Japanese and Vintage patterns as well as new, vintage and Japanese fabrics. I find that because I can wear whatever I like to work, I branch out into all sorts of places depending on how I feel at the time and what I feel like wearing that day. There's still lots of 60's stuff in my wardrobe but I've always been a little A.D.D with my fashion choices so it's normal for me to let different styles in.

I've also been making up a beautiful dress to wear to my friends wedding in October - I only need to hand stitch in the pockets and then get the hem the right length and it's done. I'm not sure what shoes I'll be wearing so I'll need to decide on that soon before I can hem it

Simplicity 6346 (1974) in a polyester floral printed organza with heavy floral embroidery.

I've been at two hen's weekends - one in the city with dinner at lebanese 
restaurant complete with persian carpeted walls and a belly dancer, and another weekend away up in beautiful Byron Bay. 

Sarah's hens night (centre) at Hannibal lebanese restaurant - in the Persian carpet room

Francesca's hens weekend 

Clockwise from top left - Belongil beach Byron Bay, The bride to be overlooking Mullumbimby, Giant quartz arrangement at Crystal Castle, Macadamia tree grove at The Farm, Byron Bay

We stopped by the side of a very narrow road to take these photos and annoyed a few other drivers... Sorry! 

We had the worst flight getting up there because the pilot couldn't land at the tiny and very windy airport - though that didn't stop him trying twice, giving me an anxiety attack and my friends airsickness. The plane was then diverted to the Gold Coast, but then the airline lost my bag... so it started out terribly but after that it was a wonderful little holiday and I've already dedicated my 2017 summer holiday to going back. 

Our whole company also had a little party recently for the super famous businessman who started the company many years ago and was visiting Oz. If you can work out what the letters pictured say I'm sure you'll work out who I mean... He told me I had beautiful hair - I hope my hairdresser appreciates that!

Myself and the two girls pictured planned the whole night. I didn't wear a me made dress that night because all my best party dresses are still away in winter storage...

The Spoolettes also had a little shopping day out at Pitt Trading where I bought the floral organza pictured above

Myself, Maria and Susan (they both made their tops and jacket)

And to round off this post a little picture of my planty friend - monstera deliciosa (Monty) who is growing so fast - that new light green leave is already the size of a dinner plate and grew long enough to reach the door jamb. I've totally jumped on the indoor plant trend and love the 70's vibe it gives my house. I also got a cane palm, parlour palm and two maiden hair ferns that so far haven't died! I think the fact that their inside stops me from forgetting about them and neglecting to water them which is what pretty much kills my outdoor plants every summer.

October and November are promising to be very busy again, but no doubt I'll get lots of sewing done, and maybe also some blogging hopefully! I'm always on Instagram so you can always see what I'm doing more often over there.

Lots of love
Cat xo 


  1. Welcome back! It's good to take blogging breaks every now and then. Especially when it's for fun reasons and not sad reasons!

    1. Thanks! Yes indeed! last year i was stressy sad busy, this year its good busy. i much prefer this sort of busy!

  2. Your hen night friends are all so pretty! As are you. That wedding guest dress is coming along very nicely, I love that print!

    1. oh thank you! i were all gussied up in our best outfits. they took so long to get ready!

  3. You will be a busy bee with all those sewing projects! Your dress for the wedding looks lovely, I absolutely love the fabric.

    1. I am always a busy bee it seems! Thank you! the dress has turned out really well which is exciting! the fabric is so dreamy :)

  4. Lovely patterns! I too love the 1960s and 70s style. The dress you made for your friend's wedding looks gorgeous, what lovely fabric! I love the orange print too - and the floppy hat, very 70s!

    1. Thank you! I just love the 60s and 70s style. so beautiful and fun!

  5. You do indeed have beautiful hair, he is right. Great sewing plans and prep. Love how organised you are.

  6. Ahhh I am DYING at the floral printed organza fabric! The dress is fantastic too, but now I really covet that fabric. Is it a vintage fabric or can you share your source from where you bought it?

    1. hello! sorry for not replying immeadiatley. the fabric was bought from the Remnant warehouse in Sydney. it may have been a designer fabric but they dont tell you who it could have been on the tag so we'll never know!

  7. Hi Catherine, I have just discovered your very inspirational blog. Absolutely love your dresses and your choice of gorgeous prints. I always wanted to wear more vintage clothing, but always found the sizes didn't fit right, so I thought about reproducing some of my own basic mod/shift dresses in 60s/70s style prints. I've made bags before but never a garment... eeek. I'd really like to incorporate a bell sleeve, a separate piece attached to the main sleeve which flares out from the elbow/forearm. Do you have any pattern pieces for this sort of style? You could so make a business out of this and sell limited one offs on Etsy.

    -Sinead :) (London, UK)

    1. oh i if had more time i would love to have a business like that but i barely have enough time to sew my own! i dont have a pattern for the type of sleeve your thinking of but its really easy to replicate. you just have to cut a circle of fabric with a hole in the centre the same size as the sleeve. then attach the bottom piece to the sleeve and you'll have a lovely floppy circle sleeve!


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