Saturday, June 14, 2014

My Pattern collection and a giveaway!

Hello there lovely people! 

I have two rather exciting things to tell you about!

The first thing is that I have put my organising skills to good use and created a new page listing all of my sewing pattern collection. It was a bit of a pain trying to get blogger to line the pictures up just as I liked them but managed to find some coding tips over here which did the trick.

I really wanted a way to be able to look up my own patterns easily while out shopping and also somewhere for you the reader to see them as well. So I had looked at apps for organising patterns and thought of using flickr as a portal but in the end I decided it might be good to have them all on the blog where it would make sense to have them and then include links to all the projects where I have used them before

Pop over to the page to have a look! There is a button to the right of this page and there is also the link below;

They're all sorted by company name and pattern number so they're easy to find and if you ever need a hand with finding a missing piece, let me know!

Now, onto the exciting part! The Giveaway!

Last month I was very lucky to be featured in Glory Days magazine in their 60's issue! 

Possibly the most exciting thing that's ever happened! Even my Kiwi cousins promised to go out and buy a copy

Glory Days is a magazine specifically for Vintage lovers particularly in New Zealand and Australia and it includes many wonderfully detailed articles on all aspects of the vintage life including fashion, cars, hairstyles, music and subcultures

The fabulous team at Glory Days sent me over this months 60's issue as well as last months Art Deco issue just for me to give away to you!

And to sweeten the deal a little, I'll also include a great starter sewing pattern - Butterick 2624!
(Size 14 bust 34 - around a modern size 12)

Butterick 2624 is a favourite of mine with patterns for a shift dress, coat, top, vest and skirt. 
I had picked up a double when I was at Fabric-a-brac, but if I had my My Patterns page ready, I probably wouldn't have accidentally bought it. But hey, my loss is your win! 

So how do you win such fatabulous prizes? 

Your task if you'd like to enter, is to pop over to My Patterns page, pick a pattern and explain as to why I should make it next! I will then pop all valid entries into a hat and pick one out at random

But please don't pick the muu-muu. I really don't think I'll ever want to wear that! haha

Entry is open to everyone around the world and the giveaway will end at 8pm Friday the 21st of June Sydney local time

I hope you enjoy perusing through my pattern collection and if you have any questions please feel free to write to me

Thanks and good luck to all of you entering the give-away! 

Cat xo


  1. So happy to see you are getting paraise for your sewing and styling talents. You totally deserve it!

    So, this collection of yours... its quite large and amazing! My pick for your next project has to be a coat, Simplicity 7209, to be exact! You probably need something warm to go along with all those amazing dresses you made in the last months.

  2. How exciting to be featured - I'll look out for the mag, I'm heading into town for a little shop later today! And that's a pretty superb collection - I'm tempted to do something similar with my collection (not that my vintage collection approaches yours yet). My suggestions for your next project......
    If we were coming Into spring I'd definitely vote for the Blue facile dress 1633 as I think it's so chic but now it's a bit cooler I think the Butterick Michelle Rosier raglan jacket would look so cute on you, but I'd make the zipper full length rather than half way down. In a nice tweedy fabric or maybe even a mexican oilcloth as a true raincoat, maybe gingham oilcloth. So cute!

  3. That is a great pattern collection! And I'm very impressed by your organisation of it too :)

    I'm not going to be sensible about seasons at all in my choice, just pick the one that jumped out at me the most, which was Butterick 4518. It is quite a basic shift shape that you wear so often and suits you so well, but mainly it is the details that got to me. The pockets, the collar, the rows of buttons and the little bow - just too cute! I love it. And I guess at least it is long-sleeved for winter :)

  4. Congratulations on being featured, Catherine - how exciting! I'll keep my eye out for the magazine, it looks fab. And what a brilliant idea to organize your sewing patterns like that. It really is brilliant and you have such a great collection!
    A really neat giveaway too, but I think I'll sit this one out as I don't have a machine! But if I were to choose a pattern for you to make a dress from next I'd probably go with Butterick 4207!

  5. Kept this one quiet Darl!..... congrats.

  6. What a great collection of patterns and congrats on being featured in the magazine! I really should upload mine somewhere as I'm forever browsing patterns on ebay/etsy and then having to rifle through my pattern drawer to see if I have it already.

    I'd love to see you make one of the Norma Tullo Butterick patterns, 4266 or 4518!

  7. I love your collection of Facile Patterns, I've never seen them before and the illustrations are awesomely groovy! xxxx

  8. That is so exciting being featured in the magazine - very cool! And good on you for being so organized with your pattern collection, I have over 800 patterns and would be lost without my electronic database of them all

  9. What a wonderful idea to have an online file of your patterns. You have a great collection....mine is only just beginning. I follow Glory Days on FB, and often wish I had a copy to browse. I love the pattern Butterick 3493...I think it would be fab to have a shift dress with a matching princess style jacket. Xx

  10. Simplicity 8193---that collar is GROOVY! I can totally see you in this. Thanks for the inspiring blog as always---I love seeing all your patterns. I would love to do something like this eventually. Congrats on the magazine feature! I would love to win these!!!

  11. I love how you've organised them all, such a great idea and I can see how it'd be a lot of help to you. Collections can get out of control so easily! I'd love to see your take on McCall's 4920 as it's so different from your usual style. Alternatively, Butterick 4518 is so lovely with it's necktie and I imagine might be a good choice to keep you warm this winter!

  12. How fabulous to be in a magazine! I know exactly how exciting that is!

    I think the next pattern you should make is Syle 4056, I am LOVING the maxi dress.

    <3 your blog!

  13. How fabulous! That is such a cool publication to be a part of! Also hats off to self-coding the layout for the pattern page. It's so satisfying to get the web to do what you want ;)

    You should make Simplicity 6114 because I happen to have that in my vintage file box and would love to see what you do with it!

  14. Congrats, that is very cool. I love pattern McCall's 8917 - 1967, , and i think mostly as I was inspired by your version. I love the pleat in the front of the dress, so unique :)

  15. I think the Facile 1606 would be so cute on you!
    Congratulations on being in a magazine.

  16. I love your pattern collection! I'll be looking at it for inspiration, for sure.

    I think you should make Simplicity 7248 as a dress. I like the raglan sleeves and the front zipper and the collar and... I just like it, ok?

  17. Thank you for this giveaway. I love the idea of your pattern page, what a great collection you have!
    I would love you sew the Simplicity 7021 Jiffy Pattern, I like the variant with the long trousers and the neckline looks great in the drawing! Maybe even in the combination patterned trousers/solid coloured top.
    Love, ette


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