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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Tin Lady

Yesterday evening I went to a Christmas party for the company who books our corporate travel for work. They always organise a themed party - last year was The Great Gatsby which was lots of fun, but this year the theme was The Wizard of Oz! 

I had a feeling that most people would dress either as Dorothy or the Wicked Witch of the West, so I went through my wardrobe to see what I had that was on theme. 

Social pointed shoes from ASOS

I decided these shiny silver shoes would do the trick for dress as the Tin Man or in my case, Tin Lady. 

I had also ordered some grey fabric to make a shift dress, and a sparkly red brooch for the Tin Mans heart, but unfortunately they never arrived in time... 

I know I shouldn't have counted on the delivery taking the same about of time as normal (1 week)  but you know... I sort of forgot about Thanksgiving and how the US mail goes on holidays too! 

Speaking of Thanksgiving - the restaurant at work served up a menu with all the traditional Thanksgiving foods, as well as Pumpkin pie and candied yams. 
The yams were... interesting. Are they supposed to be really sweet? It was certainly a confusing taste for me - marshmallows and sweet potato - good on their own, but together I could only manage one bite. 

Please tell me! Are they actually really good when made by your mum and not by some grumpy chef in an industrial kitchen?

Ok back on track... 

Being a lover of craft and brooch-less, I decided to make myself one from fimo and painted it with some cheap-o clear nail polish so it would be shiny

I paired it with a grey marle t-shirt and a mini skirt which I made myself awhile ago. This is the pattern I used for this skirt. 

This shirt and one other top are the only grey I own so I guess the outfit turned out ok!

And I also painted my nails to match with a sweet little heart as well

Me, Dorothy Gale and some fairy floss
In the end, I was right about there being multiple Dorothy's and Witches. All were in really excellent costumes and quite close to the movie originals. One of the Dorothy's had even made her own dress as well! 

It was a pretty fun night all in all. Do you have any upcoming parties that include a theme or that your currently sourcing an outfit for?

Take care my pretties! (and your little dogs too!!!!)
Cat xo