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Friday, May 9, 2014

Eurovision - 1960s style!

I love many things, but each year in May, the thing I love the most is the Eurovision song contest!

Yes, quite seriously I am a Eurovision fiend. When my good friend still lived in Australia we would watch together and play drinking games and have a giggle at the insane costumes and dance around and smile when our favourites would come on. 

Eurovision has a quite a decent following in Australia, being that we are a multicultural country who in the past 60 years has seen immigrants from all over Europe and who are still in touch with their families in Greece, Italy, Turkey, Germany and so on. And as I have Lithuanian heritage I also get to legitimately cheer on my country even though their entries aren't always stellar!

We watch it on time delay however, so I have to restrain my Facebooking and news watching during the weekend so that I don't accidentally see who the winner is!

The most outstanding part of Eurovision is always the fashion and costumes. Some are amazing architectural pieces, some a plain letting the singer shine and some are multi dimensional giving the wearer the chance to change costumes mid-song for higher impact. The show is voted on by the viewers, so the song, set, costumes and dancers must all be entertaining. 

But back in our favourite decade, (before the famous ABBA performance), Eurovision was a little more restrained and certainly didn't reach the dramatic proportions that it does now

Lets take a look at the sweet and demure looks of 60s Eurovision!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Devoted to Donovan

A few months back I read Donovan's biography Hurdy Gurdy Man. Sarah from Where the Roses go and I were planning on doing a joint post, but Sarah is no longer at the blogging helm sadly! 

Initially my intention was to write a post about the book and whether or not I liked it, but now I think I must write more. 

Sunday, September 1, 2013

A dive into my dads record crate

It's Fathers day today in Australia! Most dads are getting presents and being taken out for the day, but my dad and I live quite a distance away (Sydney - Alice Springs) so I wont get do very much with him. We did get to spend the day with my boyfriends dad and the family so there were some fatherly things happening still. 

So as a small tribute to my dad, I bring to you - A dive into my dads record crate

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A sewing related music video?

Check out this video by Black Books, which utilises thread, fabric scraps, pins, buttons and the occasional water droplet to create a moody and dramatic scene

Who knew your sewing box could be so edgy? 

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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Why hello there!

Welcome to what I hope is the first of many posts on Sewing the 60s!

I’ve been obsessed with the 60s since I was a little kid, dressing up like a flower child and listening to The Beatles and Pink Floyd with my dad. I used to watch Peter Sellers movies and Get Smart and dream of wearing the beautiful dresses and outfits those pretty dolly birds wore. My mother once passed onto me a vinyl beach bag covered in multicoloured daisies and as much as I wanted to use it, I also decided not to because even at that young age I knew it was a treasured token of my mothers childhood and of the 60s.

Fast forward 20 or so years and I finally have the skills and historical knowledge to make those charming outfits for myself. I may only be making replicas of those delicious garments  but ill try to do so with the same spirit and freedom of that wonderful decade. 

So join me on this journey through sewing the 60s. I may also slip in some Craft, Fashion and Social history (another love of mine) as well as venture into some other decades of which 60s fashion would not have existed without!

Thanks and Welcome to Sewing the 60s!