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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Charlotte, the dancer

Oh hi there! You've come back! Hurrah!

Last week I promised I would post the pictures of my Charlotte dress like the next day, but I never got the chance to.

It was a very eventful week last week. In both good and bad ways

Bad because I was swamped with work one day which required me to stay back, I fell ill with a cold and needed to go to bed early and then had a super large hangover yesterday

But also good as I was randomly invited to see Phoenix on Wednesday with a friend, had my birthday on Friday and birthday dinner on Saturday (hence the hangover) and then an urge to cook a lot of fancy things on Sunday whilst hung-over. 

We had roast pork with all the trimmings and I made banana bread for this week’s morning teas! Yummy! 

So you see. I'm very bad with time management lately, for both good and bad reasons. Add the warm weather lethargy and I'm just a hopeless sloth! I really must learn to get back on top of it because my sewing is looking quite neglected =( 

So finally, I will now give you my lovely Charlotte! 

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Charlotte Dress

Hey there fab people!

Thank you for all your comments on my last post, I'm feeling much better about my choice. I've decided to put my the chiffon frock away for a bit until I feel ready to sew it again.

It's not often that I completely feel the need to just stop a project, even at work or in regular life situations. Normally I have the energy and drive to be able to complete projects and deal with any little pains that come up, but not this time!

It's probably something as silly as the hot humid weather we're having, exhaustion from work or distraction from watching the Olympics that's making this dress less interesting. Combine all of that with something as tricky and fiddly as chiffon and well it's a drag. I hope that explains whats going on in my dear little head! 

To get myself back into the right frame of mind and refresh my 60s love, I've been spending lots of time of Etsy looking at fun 60s frocks, trawling through my Pinterest pins and visiting my favourite place for ideas - Vintage Pattern wiki! 

I also created a separate Pinterest board for sewing patterns only, so they aren't all mixed up in fashion, sewing and private boards.

One particular image which I pinned not too long ago, came back to my attention whilst going through my pins   

Couple attends the Festival of the Flower Children at the Windsor Jazz Festival,  August 12, 1967