Sunday, February 22, 2015

Little Red Rooster

Hello hello readers!! How the heck have you all been? I've been having a lovely long break way from le blog to catch up on sewing and enjoy my new job which has been really enjoyable! My new boss is pretty cool and I even get to go out and play team football (Soccer) once a week, which has now resulted in a fractured second toe but otherwise, the comparison between my old role and my new role are streets apart. I'm feeling much more relaxed and I have time to do my job properly, not just squeeze 3 roles into one! 

And so yes, all this life happiness has resulted in a tonne of sewing! So many things to show you all, but first I should try to catch up on everything I'm well behind in! 

Just before summer holidays I noticed I didn't have very many sleeveless style dresses for summer so I made it a point to cut out a few for home and for going out. This is one of the going out ones - Simplicity 9725 from 1973

The fabric was picked up last year in a swap at the first Spoolettes meet up. It's most definitely vintage, not sure what decade but its mustiness suggests 70's. It's cotton but I think it is a drill weave as its quite sturdy

The dress bodice is two piece - a top yoke gathered under the bust, and a bottom half which is tight. Very reminiscent of the two piece bodices of 1960. I noted that the bodice for this dress is a little too long on me as the skirt fits just under the waist line and not right on it so next time I'll need to take off a few cm's.

I only had 2 meters of this fabric so I had to be very careful with how I pattern placed. 

You'll notice that on the pattern envelope the sleeves are much longer and flowy. I had only a little scrap of fabric left so I fashioned some cap sleeves instead. 

For my size 14 dress, on the fold I drew the sleeve line legth - 23cm long and 5cm wide at one end tapering down to 1.5cm at the other end. 

Then I basted in some long stitches and gathered these and attached to the armhole. 

I encased it all with some light blue bias to match the tiny flowers on the fabric. Nice and simple!

From the back of the dress you can see how it creeps up a little in the bodice base. After wearing it for a day, the amount of times I adjusted it were just a few too many times! 

The skirt is made up of two squares, which I don't much like as it sometimes gives this tube shape, and not the flaring out shape that I prefer. But as the fabric is quite stiff I has a tendency to do that

As a simple summer dress I have no real complaints. It comfy and pretty and perfect for going out for dinner or work. 

I'd highly recommended this pattern for beginners, and there is both the short and long version depending on your preference, and there isn't many very difficult technical aspects.

There's plenty more things I've made which I'll get around to posting soon!

I hope you've all been well! I got my braces removed this weekend and hung out with the Spoolettes at Bobbin and Ink today. Lots of sewing going on otherwise!

Take care lovelies!
Cat xo 


  1. Hello, dear Catherine! It's wonderful to see you again, dear friend. I am elated to learn that you are happy with your new job and that you had your braces removed. However, I am sorry to find out that you broke a toe being a tomboy on the soccer field. I hope it's on the mend and not bothering you too much.

    Until now my favorite color on you has been bright yellow. However, after seeing you in this gorgeous red, ultra feminine, sleeveless summer dress I've changed my mind. This has to be the prettiest look you've ever presented on your blog. I hope you get a chance to wear this one a few more times before summer ends.

    I also hope you had a delightful weekend, dear friend Cat, and I wish you a healthy and happy week ahead!

  2. I love this dress! so sweet and simple for a summer day ... enjoy reading your blog, too! Zuzsa

  3. So cute! That style looks great on you. I hope you make more form that pattern!

  4. Such a great dress for summer! I'm glad to hear that you've been enjoying your new job and have been able to find time for sewing.

  5. Awesome red dress! So cute x
    I had adult braces removed last Feb - it feels amazing doesn't it!!

  6. What a gorgeous little summer frock! Love that cute print, and the way you adapted the sleeves is very clever. I'd wear the maxi version in a heartbeat (if I could get my arse in gear to make it, that is!)
    Good to know you're enjoying your new job. xxx

  7. You look super cute. I hope your toe recovers quickly.

  8. That dress is so cute! Perfect for flinging on with sandals for the daytime or heels in the evening.

  9. You are too cute! And that red looks smashing on you

  10. Hi. I've found your blog at facebool sew retro sew and tell and I love your style, so I am following.
    This dress is really cute and perfect for a summer day out. Love the color and how you did the cute cap sleeves.

  11. Lovely to see you pop up in my reader, Cat! That little dress is just gorgeous, the sleeves are divine.
    Glad the new job's going well, having a cool boss makes the world of difference. Hope the toe mends quickly. xxx

  12. Hello, Cat! Your dress looks great and I love what you've done with the sleeves, I'll have to try that sometime.

    Congratulations on getting your braces off and welcome back to blogland!

  13. Cute, cute, cute! I love me a flutter sleeve :)

  14. hello,ciao...great post with nice photos and this summer dress is so stunning on you...cheers!

  15. Great dress!!!!! Love the colour and looks so flattering on you.


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