Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Liebster Award - Oh my!

I've been very lucky recently to receive 3 Liebster awards!! Whoo hoo! 

Yes I know this is one of those things that go round and round the web to no end, but hey its nice to be considered!

Liebster is a German word that means dearest, and this award is given to up and coming bloggers with less than 200 followers who you think deserves more recognition!

I received awards from 3 lovely bloggers
Melody sews 
Miss Allie Mass 

Thank you so much ladies for this dinky little award! 

So what's the point of the award? Well in a kind of chain mail fashion, you answer 11 questions as set by the awarder, provide 11 random facts about yourself and then set up 11 questions for your own Leibster award winners. 

Since I didn't want to answer 33 questions, I decided to narrow it down to a few from each blogger so as to not bore you all and so that I can answer them all properly. 

Here we go! 

From MissDemeanour

1. Career wise what would your plan B be
If I had time and money I would go back to uni and study architecture or if I never had to work again I would be a seamstress of course! 

2. Say you found yourself in a Quantum Leap type role, which enabled to jump to any event in history what would you choose?
Oh goodness any day in the 60s! Most of my preferred events have something to do with music. The day Jimi Hendrix played Killing Floor in front of Eric Clapton and left him speechless, the day the Beatles went to number 1, the day Led Zeppelin played at Royal Albert Hall and kicked off 70s rock, or to hear Ravi Shankar play at the Monterey Pop festival. All wonderful days that I'll only get to experience second hand 

3. If you were coming on stage what would you choose as your walk on tune?
I really the opening of Box of Rain by the Grateful Dead. I think it's such a happy song it would be a great start to a concert. 

5. What skill would you most like to have? 
To just be the right body temperature any time without being too cold or hot no matter what I'm wearing. Just toasty warm (I am writing this while waiting for a train in the cold and rain - can you blame me for wanting this?)

6. Can you recommend a good book you've read?
I always recommend Invisible cities by Italo Calvino to anyone who is after a imaginative/ surreal book. In each chapter Marco Polo describes in great detail to Kublai Khan different cities that he has visited. Some tiny, some huge but all magnificently described in such wonderful detail. Read 1 city before bed each night and have wonderful dreams. 
I really recommend reading it, if not the Wikipedia description at least

7. What's guaranteed to make you laugh?
Cats. Photos of cats, videos of cats, watching cats. cats with cheezburgerz...

8. If you could choose another name what would you go for?
I always wanted to change my name when I was a kid to Lucy or Penny or one of those kinds of short cute names. I still like Penny

From Melody sews 

1. What is your favourite item you have ever sewn for yourself?
My favourite sewn item is my Vogue 7219 dress. 
I love the fit and the colour and I'm proud of how much time and effort I put into it. 

2. How many pairs of shoes do you own?
This is a shameful question... I have a lot. And am looking to buy more 
I have to store most of them away in clear boxes as I don't have enough room. 

3. Do you sew for others? If so what kinds of items?
I have made some things but not a lot. I'm in the middle of making a cape for a friend but that's on hold for now as we're trying to find the right fabric. I'd like to be able to make for other people but I'll have to get some more practice in first. 

4. What is your advice for your fellow < 200 follower awards nominees?
Well I have probably less then the people I'm awarding this too! So maybe don't give up? Haha keep making fun and interesting posts! 

5. Do you have a celebrity you really fancy? Who?
I have posted his photo a few times on here... But I'm not gonna get all schoolgirl about it. (Ahem Jimmy Page)

6. What/who is your favourite blog/blogger? 
My favourite sewing blog is Gertie's New Blog for Better Sewing I don't often go back and read blogs from the very start but I did with hers and was so in awe! I've learnt so much about sewing from Gertie.
I also really adore Design Love Fest by Bri Emery. Bri is such a colourful wonderful person and her blog is so fun and always filled with bright photos and lovely ideas.

8. Do you have a sewing stash? What is in it? 
Yes, it have 2 draws of cast offs that I use for practice garments or small projects, and a box of scraps for a "one day" quilt. My actual fabrics that I plan to use all sit on the sewing table as I'm worried that I'll put them away and forget them. 

9. What is your favourite fabric? 
I really like a good double knit jersey or cotton sateen. Both have a great hand and don't crease too much. And my sewing machine loves them too.

11 things about me... 

1. My favourite TV shows are Adventure Time (I especially enjoy the purple lump that is LSP) the Mighty Boosh and Mad Men. 

2. I love Doctor Who and am very sad that Matt Smith is leaving already - mainly because it means getting closer to potentially the last doctor!

3. I also knit and cross stitch along with sewing - but I'm pretty sure I have ADD as I can't sit still in the couch for long unless I'm very relaxed and calm

4. Before my current job, I studied Interior Decorating and was lucky enough to get a job in an Interior Design office - this was right before the GFC and so when that came around it was a matter of last in - first out! 

5. I love to cook - mainly from cookbooks. My favourites are from Jamie Oliver. 

6. My 3 most played songs on my iPod are;
She's like a Rainbow by The Rolling Stones
I saw here standing There by The Beatles 
Sunny Afternoon by The Kinks

7. I really like classical music - in particular Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake. I can listen to that composition and picture the dance moves in my head. I'm not a ballet nut, but the music and dancing go very well together and are easy to visualise. My friend recently saw Swan Lake at Royal Albert Hall in London and I am pretty envious. 

8. My boyfriend and I met at TAFE (a kind of technical college). He studied product design - We are design school sweethearts!

9. When I'm lazy and can't be bothered to cook dinner - I eat pickles - in particular Polski Ogorki

10. My heritage on my dads side is Lithuanian. Hence the strange surname and love of pickles.

11. I collect Snow-globes - But not ones that I buy - other people must buy them for me. So far I have Chicago, Paris (which broke) London, Brighton, Melbourne, The Gold Coast, St Kilda, Pisa, Austria, Philippines, Singapore and Tasmania.
My ultimate goal is to get a snow filled one from somewhere there is no snow (for example Las Vegas) 

And now questions for you!  

1. What is the most played song on your MP3 player/ iTunes or if you prefer tangible music what was the first record/tape/CD you wore out and had to buy again? 

2. What was your first job and did you enjoy it? 

3. Do you have a collection and what is it of?

4. What is your default "too lazy to cook" meal? 

5. What is your favourite thing to wear that you always feel fantastic in? 

6. Summer, Autumn, Winter or Spring? 

7. What is your favourite moment in history? i.e VE Day etc...

8. If you had another blog, what would it be about? 

9. If you had to pick only one, would you prefer The Beatles or The Rolling Stones?

10. What is your favorite step when sewing a garment? Or if you don't sew, what is your favorite feature on a garment that always catches your eye? 

11. What was your most favourite holiday that you have taken? 

And now, who has been lucky enough to be awarded with the next Leibster award? 

The Carnabetian Army 
Fabie Crazee girl  
• Manic Pop 
Where the Roses go 
 Among the Dancers 
• Shady Del Knight 
Dreaming of the past 
Mad for Mod 
 Tybalt King of cats 
• Everythings Fine and I dig everything

Feel free to play along if you like - if you'd rather not that's ok I won't try and make you pick between the Beatles or Stones! 

Take care meine Freunde!


  1. Thank you very much for included me in the list of award receivers! This is exciting! This was a great post to read too. I find random facts about people very interesting.
    I also checked out your Instagram to see the op shop finds that you got on the weekend. You would not believe - I have the exact same handbag! It is here:

    1. omg that is the same bag! Is it Goldcrest? haha. I have long strap that it came with but i wont use it.

      Yes isn't it interesting to know little things about others - not super personal stuff, just interesting things!

    2. Yes, it is Goldcrest! Though mine didn't come with the long strap. I don't really mind though, I would use it so much either.

  2. I always love to learn more stuff about awesome bloggers like you! I always take away so much cool things to consider, try, watch, etc.

    Hey, did you read If on a winter's night a traveler, also by Calvino? It's one of my favorite books! It's the story of the Reader- you- who starts the book If on a winter's night... but it constantly interrupted. Pretty freaky and sooo well written!

    I'm SO happy i'm not the only one with a slight obsession about LSP. That and Shelby....

    1. Oh thank you! xoxo
      I have also read If on a Winters night a Traveler! And also Mr Palomars Garden and Castle of Crossed Destinies - although I need to read that one again as I wasn't 100% concentrating and you really need to concentrate when you read Calvino.

      LSP is the best! We crack up at all her scenes. I love BMO and Shelby also!

  3. Congratulations on winning the Liebster Award, dear Catherine. I can't think of any blogger more deserving than you. You have demonstrated that you are the complete blogger. By that I mean you take time to reply to comments on your blog and you kindly and generously show support to your loyal followers by reading and commenting on their blogs. It only takes a moment to make somebody's day and that is a life lesson you learned somewhere along the way. Thank you very much for nominating Shady Dell Music & Memories for this award. I am very proud to call you friend, dear Cat, and I will always remember this act of kindness.

    1. Thanks Shady! I try hard!
      Hope to see your answers soon

  4. I'm happy I was mentioned somehow in this - I being the one who saw Swan Lake and the one whose accounted for many of your snowglobes :)

    Congradu-Well Done on the Award Cat, you deserve it!

    1. I hope you got me a swan lake snow globe? =D

  5. Thank you for including me in the list of receivers! I really enjoyed this post, I'm super nosy so love finding out random facts about people.

    1. No worries lovely!
      I'm such a snoop too!

  6. Congratulations on your nomination!

  7. I love your special skill, how great it would be to always be the right temperature! and I think the Liebster award is pretty funny too in its chain letter quality :)

    1. haha yeah I feel like im in primary school! Except no questions like, who do you have a crush on? Are you my friend? haha! but its fun and nice to read little things about people.

  8. Congratulations! I love seeing all the different questions people come up with. I agree, Gertie's blog is always so interesting and her garments are flawless!

    1. Gertie is like a sewing goddess! haha I think everyone loves her.

  9. Thanks a lot Cat for invite me , i will try to answer even i don't feel easy with my english !

    1. No worries dear! Your more than welcome to write in French and we can let Google translate do the work!

  10. Thank you for naming me! I also mixed the questions to be answered but it was really fun to do!
    Also, how good is She's a Rainbow? It has such an amazing vibe! xxx

    1. I'm so glad you answered! I know you did the 25 things about me post and I wasn't expecting you to post but I just had to pass the award on to you!

  11. Oh, thank you for mentioning me in this! I did one before, but can I do one again? Haha.

    1. Oh I didn't know you already go one! But I guess that's good cause you're even more deserving of a second one!
      If you want to answer again then why not! ;)


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